Colour, Choir

Glasgow City Chambers Service Entrance Torygleneration Sugo Diptych Emperor’s New Clothes Shop Pre-Astral Codex Ten Sky Dancing Crayons Make Glasgow BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK Adelphi Terrace Public School British Linen Bank Garbage Gorger Obelisk fence Coat Weather Climate Justice Convincer Sisyphus Moss City Magical Moment Seeing spots Blacks Britannica Lost Teeth Empty Carriage Puddle reflection season Pervasive Enigmas Net Zero The cinema experience Playboy 14:59 Sleeping Dragon Saint Alphonsus Conker Time Travelling Column Cafe Mark Cupid and Psyche 85 Cake New potatoes Money Meal Early Warning Signs The turn Car Park Spiral Buddha Earth Door God’s Fingers Day of the Tom Nairn Diamat Going Underground Mugs Water Works Aurelius Floating Head Trnsmt Summit Raven Waryhouse Dukkha Silvanus Highwayman Postbox Reflection reflection Top deck Common Puffball Pedestrianised Intersectional Cashpoint Algal Bloom The Monkey and the Whale Charles II St Columba’s Substation Prayer Lonely lowing Greenview Street Dog days KN95 Mosquitoed Juan Jose Ganekogorta Heart shaped box Divided Health Iker eta Elena Flies go flying Blooming Aupa Athletic Jai Alai Hanna Roberta El Vaquero Spanish Guitar Dried Pomegranate Coochie Cooed Coochie Coo Curious Kitten Mairena Mulberry Murders Dalí Country Vermeer Office Sermon on the mount Lost in Torremolinos Beach day View from the Torre Córdoba Last night (session one) Accidental Vogueing After the rain Red right hand Granada Streetlife Mairena’s Next Top Model Ilex Hairstreak Singers
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